100wc james

100 Word Challenge
He woke with a start. For a minute he did not know who he was or where he was. Then it all came flooding into his head like a huge tital surge. His name was Rex he was 17 and was on an expedition to discover the Mysterious Island. Then the…. Rex looked around not believing what he was seeing. He got his dairy out it was an old leather with engraved rubies at the sides he flicked through the pages until he got to page 271 and there it was the Mysterious Island. Rex jumped around like an excited little kid but when he finally came senses, where was the crew? Were they alive? He realized he was alone.


3 thoughts on “100wc james

  1. James, I love your opening sentences, it brings the reader right into the heart of the story. Be careful with you sentence types, you have lots of short and simple sentences.
    Miss T

  2. Hello James,
    Your idea for a story is captivating! You bring us right into the intrigue as both Rex and the reader try to orient themselves on this strange journey. Your line, “Then it all came flooding into his head like a huge tidal surge” is a terrific image and entry into the plot. I particularly enjoy how Rex confirms he has discovered the Mysterious Island through the page in the “old leather” diary “with engraved rubies” encrusted on the sides. You surprise the reader with Rex’s second perilous discovery.

    You are such a great storyteller. Be sure to reread your work carefully through new eyes to make sure everything is clear and carefully edited so the reader can understand your writing at its best. What do you think would be an engaging title for your story?

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