Ameliew Todays News 100wc

Today’s news
4th June 1826
The breaking news today. Something happened amazing down at the beach. A gigantic ship appeared from nowhere. All the people on the beach could hear rocks heating the ship that was wrecked on the sand. I could see rust disintegrate the ship, on the bottom of the ship and on the rocks there was mould spreading everywhere. I looked at the boats name it was the most beautiful name Zanzibar, I felt amazed to find myself standing next to the famous ship. How did it get there? What was it like inside? How will it back into the water?


5 thoughts on “Ameliew Todays News 100wc

    • That was a quick comment, Amelie’s work has only just been posted! I agree, it is well written and that Amelie has worked hard on this. Remember our rules that we always put our names on comments, just as you would if you were writing a letter.
      Miss T

  1. Hello Amelie,
    Making this a first person news story really highlights the drama of the ship’s discovery!
    I appreciate all the sensory details you use to bring the reader right there. We can actually see “the rust disintegrating the ship”. Your imagination and enthusiasm in choosing a name for the ship is engaging. Ending your piece with three big questions makes the reader wonder what the answers are and convinces us that this is amazing news.

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