BEACH By A.M 100wc

Trees, trees everywhere, I kept on running and running and slashing and slashing with my Machete. Until I saw something glowing in the distance, it was SAND, the sand was very gently, and its colour was the colour of the sun, bright yellow. As time by I found a couple of stones, they were leading me to a mountain worth pile of stones circling something. When I got there I saw something, the rocks were circling a ship. It was all rusty and old, it was broken to bits and I knew that the ship had a bad crash.


3 thoughts on “BEACH By A.M 100wc

  1. Hi Alex,

    I enjoyed reading your story.
    I loved the suspense you created and the speed of your story! Keep up the good work!

    I look forward to reading more adventures from you in the New Year.
    Happy Christmas!

    Mrs Boyce @ Team 100 WC
    Cork, Ireland
    Come and visit our Class Blog at

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