By gn 100wc

There I sat in the shade of the ship and I could hear the lapping of the waves against the cold, hard wood. A steady breeze blew the water onto me. The cool water reminded me of my time sailing the dark, salty seas how the boat glided through the water gracefully. At that moment somebody touched me on my shoulder, it was a ship member. “We have fixed the boat.” Everybody was shouting hooray. We got on the ship and sailed to the dark, rocky mountain. That was my life and after all I could still sail the seas.


3 thoughts on “By gn 100wc

  1. Hello Georgia,

    Your story does a wonderful job of creating a memorable character who has such a deep relationship with the sea and the ship! Your sensory details bring the sailor’s tale to life. I can hear the “lapping of the waves”, see the “steady breeze”, feel “the cool water”, experience the boat “gliding through the waves gracefully”.

    I look forward to your future writing!

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