the one and only survivor Arron

We thought that we were going to perish and our dead bodies would float aimlessly around the salty ocean and be forgotten forever more. Suddenly, our boat came to a halt; five extremely brave men went to explore the perimeter and collect supplies while the rest of us tried to get the radio to work so that we could contact Help. The next day two of the five men returned but they were empty handed , however, they had scars and blood pouring out of their injured bodies. We kept trying to make a radio and made contact but it was too late. I am the one and only survivor.


4 thoughts on “the one and only survivor Arron

  1. This is a great piece. Good use of adjectives and sentence structure to give a feeling of despair. Great work!

  2. Arron, this is a great piece of writing. You use a great range of punctuation and adjectives to describe the conditions and the feelings of the main character.

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