Young voices on the radio

Funkids radio station is playing highlights of the young voices choir from the O2 on Sunday evening at 7.30pm. Tune in and sing along!



A few days ago some children from yr3 went out to check on the chickens in the morning to let them out. When they came back near the end of school, one of the chckens had layed … the first EGG!. now the chickens are laying around 3 eggs a day it is very exiting.

Girls Football Wallop

On Thursday the 22nd of January clatford girls went to Wallop school to do a tournament and we were separated with different groups and these are the groups: Jennifer and Catie were in red , Morgan was in green , Amelie was in orange , Khyra was in yellow , Rosie was in plain , Georgia,Holly and Freya was in blue. That was all of the groups we all loved. Maybe we would want to get in a team?

Girls football.

Yesterday the 22nd of January 8 girls from Clatford class went to wallop primary school to participate in a girls football tournament.
All of the girls had to wear shin pads and football boots or they couldn’t take part but most people already had their own.
When we arrived we all put our boots and pads on and had to walk through the school and get shown where to go. For 5 minutes we all had a chat and talked about team tactics but then all the girls were called together and split into different teams because none of us knew each others names for a warm up we played stuck in the mud with a twist. The twist was when you unstuck people you had to ask them what their name was and remember it.
Their was five games and by the end everyone was better than when they started we took a few team photos and the coaches announced the winners, the winners were the red team.
By Catie