Amazing writers

This week we have used the image from 100wc to inspire our writing.  Some of us wrote from the point of view of the stone bench or cat, others have used it as an integral part of our stories.



The murderer and the bench! by RW

A stone faded bench which once was bright and colourful sat alone surrounded by the trees on the side of a track. Abandoned on the track since time began, the bench had seen many things including a male murderer who was breathless as he ran away. He had to have a rest so he sat on the bench, he thought he had escaped but he hadn’t he had been court and killed by the person who was chasing him. The bench was devastated he only liked kind people, like religious people. After the funeral people where placing flowers and cards all over the bench .

The story of the bench b y GGN

The stone bench just sitting there all alone. Waiting, and waiting for somebody to come. Thin king, when will anybody come I am alone. Stone crumbling and falling to bits.

In the middle of the forest it is just sitting there. The leaves and vines twining around the arms and back of it. The thick mud on the bottom of it and stones. The colure had faded while it had sat there all those years.

The stone so cold that you wouldn`t be able to sit down on it. The dull grey spreading even on the stone cat perched on the back.

The cat looking so sad just sitting and waiting. The stone just falling to bits. So sad, so cold. The grave of its owner. Buried underneath the stone curled to join them together forever.




My stone sofa by Demi

As the girl skipped happily out into the garden she saw a stone sofa.

On the side of the sofa was a grey cat made out of stone which caused the girl to scream. She screamed so loudly that her whole family could hear her, it even woke up the baby who cried so loud that everyone could  hear her. When they came out they looked at her and said what is it. The girl said look it is a stone sofa with a grey cat on the side. Then Dad said goodness it is a stone sofa but how did it get here. It is a magic sofa. I read about this sofa,it said if you sit on it it will flout 2m of the ground . It will do as you tell it to but how did it get in are back garden. They think it is a dream they close their eyes and opened them it was a dream.

Homeless never again by Holly.W

As the old homeless man walked slowly through the woods crunching all of the twigs in his path, hoping that today would be a good day. He sat on the dirty path and said” hope all I need is hope I have to believe my wish will come true.” He held on to the tree branch and struggled to his feet. Just in the distance he spotted a stone couch to rest on so he limped towards it dehydrated and tired.

Within seconds when he sat down the pain and tire started to leak out of his body when something peculiar happened…The cold stone couch started to turn into a soft velvet fabric, slowly the landscape began to change, in front of him he saw a fireplace with a brown soft rug laying on the surface beneath. After a while the woods that he had once lived in was a home warm and snug.

He stood up feeling as fit as a 21 year old and started to look around. First he went to the kitchen and guzzled gallons of fresh clean water he ran ran across the kitchen and opened the cupboard and ate a snack bar feeling as though he was back at his house in 1965. Soon after that he walked up the soft cream carpet stairs and saw a luxury a dream it was a king-size double bed with baby blue covers and small white pocadots. But even better a bath he could finally wash and on the towel hanger there was a bag with a wallet in “finally finally I can by some clothes. “It was a dream come true and he was ready to live the life he had once lived before.

J.Mc The Stone Sofa 100wc

They have been kicked out of their house again. Jack and Lucy had not paid the bills again. They had to be gone in two days. Luckily Lucy had just enough money to rent out a new house. On the very next day the removal van pulled up to take the sofa. After an hour they were there dragging the sofa along the floor on the way to the house. They were so tired that the sat down on it. Meanwhile up in the sky factory the stone area had a slight problem. All the stone went into watery, cement like liquid. Nothing would stop this stone from falling onto the ground. Back at the sofa a kitten jumped onto the back of the sofa. ”Lucy,” Jack shouted,” Move now! “Lucy woke up with a start she jumped up as fast as she could. The liquid melted over the sofa. The cat got turned into stone. It all looked like stale ash floating gently on it all.

100wc by Cathy year 6

Dear Diary

The women came again today with her regular art book, she must have read it at least 20 times now. She stroked me again as-if I’m alive-but I’m not, at-least not to humans.

As the women left the young girl approached me nodding her head to the beat of the music she must’ve been listening to. Before very long the girl left nodding her head again.

Sometimes I wonder where the woman lives and who with-if anybody. Unfortunately the girl always seems to be very lonely. I love them both but I’ve always wondered what it would be like to follow one of them home one day-but would I be caught?



Dear Diary,

Today is very different the girl and the women have both started talking to one and other and it seems as though they are related in some way. There isn’t really much more for me to say so….



My bench 100 wc by Jennifer

 My Bench

I always sit here. Day after day, week after week. Ask anyone in the village who I am, and I bet you they’ll just say, “Oh him? That’s just mad old Bruce. Don’t bother to talk to him, he never moves away from that strange stone bench out in the woods. Personally, it gives me the creeps. I never walk past it unless I have something extremely urgent to do.”  Whoever you ask, they all say the same. After all, I am just mad old Bruce and I don’t move away from my bench.

Then, one day, something changed. I shivered as I approached, and my spine began to tingle. Things were different today, and somehow I knew it.

Never had I felt this way before. After a minute had ticked past, my natural curiosity had got the better of me. I tiptoed forwards and plonked myself down on the cold stone. There, right beside me, was the most beautiful women I had ever seen in my life. She had silky, walnut-brown hair elegantly twisted up on the top of her head and secured with a delicate clip. “I’ve been waiting for you,” she announced, her eyes twinkling. “I knew you would come eventually.” My heart skipped a beat. Someone waiting for me? That never, ever happened before. She went on. “I like it here, the woods are very pretty and I adore sitting here, just watching the violet bluebells swaying slightly in the breeze. I would love to paint them. Anyway, I’m Hermione, you don’t mind me staying here do you?”

“Of course you can!” I exclaimed happily.

From that day onwards, I was never lonely again.

By Jennifer

The Stone Couch

Splash, splash, splash went the puddles as the children stomped in them. “Can I play? “asked the young boy.

“Obviously not weirdo “. As the young boy walked away he stumbled over a stone couch. When he hit the ground he saw a hammer leaning on the garden fence. When he got up he picked up the hammer and started to smash the couch. After a while the coach was nothing but little stones.

As the boy made he’s way home he was wiping the tears from he’s eyes. When he got to his house he went straight to he’s room. But when he got inside he saw a trail of stones leading to the window. When he opened the window and looked in the garden he could see the couch all back together he made he’s way down to the garden he could see he’s cat (Mr Whiskers)  laying on the couch. But then his cat turned to stone.

The next day the boy was making he’s way to the park. When he turned around he saw the couch following him. He started to run but he tripped and got touched by the couch and that boy was never seen again. But who knows the couch might be in your garden tonight.



The man was walking and walking forever, he was so tired, his back acing and his arms, the wind was cold and the sky was grey will he find a place to stay? Today was one of those days when you were in the woods, searching and searching for a place, but all he found was trees and trees.

As time went by the old and poor man finally found a BENCH! As soon as he looked at the bench he found his cousin on it, he looked very grey.

“Wake up cousin wake up!” I shouted but my cousin didn’t wake up, so next I tried giving him a little jab with a stick but as soon as the stick touched my cousin the stick turned stone solid, I quickly dropped before the stone mixture got to me. And last but not least I touched him, and then the stone mixture was clambering on to me, I could feel the pain it hurt so much but I was too late before I knew it I was dead. I turned into frozen solid stone FOREVER!!!