A.W The cursed sofa

The cursed sofa!

Steve the stone mason who lived in Brazil had an idea to make a stone sofa. On his twentieth birthday, he stayed up all night making the stone sofa. As time went Steve got older and stopped being a stone mason. Echoing in the distance was a sound of murderous screams. Steve saw a light in the mist and Steve vanished.

A silhouette of a figure lurked forward, came to sit on the sofa. Nervously, he started to leap up; the sofa was moving he heard a voice of harmony and a vibration. Steve said, tiredly and patiently, he set his entire mind on the man, “My name is Steve Legroom” he whispered rusty. “John. Johns my name.” he commented back. “I’ll tell you how I got in here.” Steve’s feelings were motional.

John was outspoken by ending, love was the way to break the curse. Steve was now called “The Stone man” on the newspaper. A week later Steve saw someone trudging towards him, after a while, she sat down on the sofa. It jiggled and bounced madly. She jumped up, she heard a voice of harmony and a vibration. “I’M FREE,” yelled Steve, “THANK YOU!”



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