Homeless never again by Holly.W

As the old homeless man walked slowly through the woods crunching all of the twigs in his path, hoping that today would be a good day. He sat on the dirty path and said” hope all I need is hope I have to believe my wish will come true.” He held on to the tree branch and struggled to his feet. Just in the distance he spotted a stone couch to rest on so he limped towards it dehydrated and tired.

Within seconds when he sat down the pain and tire started to leak out of his body when something peculiar happened…The cold stone couch started to turn into a soft velvet fabric, slowly the landscape began to change, in front of him he saw a fireplace with a brown soft rug laying on the surface beneath. After a while the woods that he had once lived in was a home warm and snug.

He stood up feeling as fit as a 21 year old and started to look around. First he went to the kitchen and guzzled gallons of fresh clean water he ran ran across the kitchen and opened the cupboard and ate a snack bar feeling as though he was back at his house in 1965. Soon after that he walked up the soft cream carpet stairs and saw a luxury a dream it was a king-size double bed with baby blue covers and small white pocadots. But even better a bath he could finally wash and on the towel hanger there was a bag with a wallet in “finally finally I can by some clothes. “It was a dream come true and he was ready to live the life he had once lived before.


5 thoughts on “Homeless never again by Holly.W

  1. I never wanted the story to end!! it was a brilliant story and fantastically wrote. well done !!!!!!

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