J.Mc The Stone Sofa 100wc

They have been kicked out of their house again. Jack and Lucy had not paid the bills again. They had to be gone in two days. Luckily Lucy had just enough money to rent out a new house. On the very next day the removal van pulled up to take the sofa. After an hour they were there dragging the sofa along the floor on the way to the house. They were so tired that the sat down on it. Meanwhile up in the sky factory the stone area had a slight problem. All the stone went into watery, cement like liquid. Nothing would stop this stone from falling onto the ground. Back at the sofa a kitten jumped onto the back of the sofa. ”Lucy,” Jack shouted,” Move now! “Lucy woke up with a start she jumped up as fast as she could. The liquid melted over the sofa. The cat got turned into stone. It all looked like stale ash floating gently on it all.


One thought on “J.Mc The Stone Sofa 100wc

  1. Very well done Jace but there is one thing I would like to say is that you might need, to put some more comers in but apart from that. REALY GOOD

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