The man was walking and walking forever, he was so tired, his back acing and his arms, the wind was cold and the sky was grey will he find a place to stay? Today was one of those days when you were in the woods, searching and searching for a place, but all he found was trees and trees.

As time went by the old and poor man finally found a BENCH! As soon as he looked at the bench he found his cousin on it, he looked very grey.

“Wake up cousin wake up!” I shouted but my cousin didn’t wake up, so next I tried giving him a little jab with a stick but as soon as the stick touched my cousin the stick turned stone solid, I quickly dropped before the stone mixture got to me. And last but not least I touched him, and then the stone mixture was clambering on to me, I could feel the pain it hurt so much but I was too late before I knew it I was dead. I turned into frozen solid stone FOREVER!!!


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