Test Valley School workshop By J.Mc

On the 11th of Febuary Beau, Morgan and I went to Test Valley secondry school to do some maths and english. For maths we had to learn about right-angle triangles. At the begining of the day we all went into the maths room and got split off into pairs. Fortunatly Beau and I was able to stay together.Did you know A squared + B squared = C squared. It was the pyphagorus thyrum.After that we had break. The next half of the morning was even better because we all love reading and we had some year 7 books and had to read the blurb. The book was quite amazing. We had a series of questions to answer. The book was called Al camero does my shirts. Its a very great book. At lunchtime we had to go back to school. The day so far was extra fun. We wish we could stay there.


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