The cat on the couch by Khyra

On a gorgeous day in the valley of ever green forest there was a fearless cat noble and true ,but everyone in that poor little town was frightened of the wicked witch, mean and cruel.   she was horrible.  she turned anyone in to cold hard stone if they disagreed with her. The cat was honest as well as true.  the wicked witch, with a grunt and a growl asked him a question,  unfortunately for him he could not lie. The question was this, ” am I the wicked witch?” the cat said “no, the witch of the east is compared to you.”  The witch was furious with bulging red eyes aund steam coming out of her ears. The witch cast a torturing spell with powerful word that he couldn’t bear to here himself .The cat was turning to stone he could still walk and talk like he used to. He had been traveling for days on end, he found a couch in the forest and steeled for the night.
Two years later …….
A sweet young girl, a witch at that, came by and her name was Sara kind and true with hair as long as you. She saw the cat and wondered who had done this, it popped into her head like a light bulb turning on in her head. Not again that wicked old witch is at it again. At a flick of a wrist the cat was back. He looked behind and saw the couch and wondered how she pieced it together like a puzzle. “You live there?” the cat nodded “would you like to go back home?” the cat purred like a tiger, she took that as a yes , she lifted him up and as a tear fell from her eye she flicked her wrist.  the cat was truly back where he belonged .


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