The sofa in the woods. Ben

The sofa in the woods,

Hauls of laughter goes past it every day,

Embraced in the ground it stays there all year long,

Some people go and sit there but it is terribly uncomfortable because it is made out of stone,

Officiously it is old it has been there for over 100 years now,

Final, not final,

Animals come and eat nuts and fruit that falls from the trees,

In the woods there is lots of nature,

Nuits, frogs, mice and more,

Timothy the dog is the biggest animal,

Home to most animals is burrows,

End now, at the end no,

Wood cutters drop shavings of wood so birds are happy,

Officiously cats get the mice,

Occupied by the children,

Determent to move it stays here all year,

Stay there all year.


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