The Stone Couch

Splash, splash, splash went the puddles as the children stomped in them. “Can I play? “asked the young boy.

“Obviously not weirdo “. As the young boy walked away he stumbled over a stone couch. When he hit the ground he saw a hammer leaning on the garden fence. When he got up he picked up the hammer and started to smash the couch. After a while the coach was nothing but little stones.

As the boy made he’s way home he was wiping the tears from he’s eyes. When he got to his house he went straight to he’s room. But when he got inside he saw a trail of stones leading to the window. When he opened the window and looked in the garden he could see the couch all back together he made he’s way down to the garden he could see he’s cat (Mr Whiskers)  laying on the couch. But then his cat turned to stone.

The next day the boy was making he’s way to the park. When he turned around he saw the couch following him. He started to run but he tripped and got touched by the couch and that boy was never seen again. But who knows the couch might be in your garden tonight.



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