The Suspicious Sofa – Beau

Finally, it was happening. I had been waiting for this my whole life and now it was here. I was going to be all over the news. “Man named Alex, wins first place in Olympics 2014!” I could picture it now. I would be famous. I would win. I would be cheered and clapped as I crossed the finishing line. Then the starting pistol was shot and silence fell.
We were off! Me currently in 2nd but falling into , 3rd ?, 4th ?, 5th? How would I of won? I lost every year. The best I had ever been was 4th, but even then it was only because I tied everyone’s shoelaces together. I was rubbish. I didn’t deserve to be here-I was a nobody. And that was when I saw it. A small gap in the trees- in other words a short cut. This was my chance to shine.
The short cut, cut off at least half the track and was much straighter than it. I was still hot and sweaty though. I was absolutely boiling. I should’ve brought a water bottle but I didn’t bother- I never bother with anything I’m too lazy. Then I saw it. A cure for my tiredness. In other words, a sofa.
As I approached it I realised it no ordinary chair, it was made of stone. It wasn’t very comfortable but was somewhere to catch my breath and I respected that. It was cold too so I could cool down. As I lifted myself onto the chair I felt my whole body slowly being refreshed and I knew I would soon continue the race.

Just then the chair started to rumble. Something was pulling me inside of it. I didn’t know what it was but I was then sucked in completely. No one in the real world ever saw me since. But little do they know I am not dead but living in a completely different world inside the sofa…
By Beau


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