Welcome Alexander and lIbby

Hello Alexander and Libby. We are excited to meet you here at our school. We have lots of thins that happen here. We have the Peer Mentors. Peer Mentors are people who make and play lots games, such as: Capture the Flag, Funky Monkey, Parachute and many, many more.


School clubs

At stockbridge school we have lots of different clubs, for eg: one of the clubs is called fun club this is run by the headteacher MRS J, at fun club you do things like ICT and board games and things like that. Also there are more clubs like : Christmas decoration making club MRS H and sporting culb with miss T, last there is football club with are P.E teacher MRS D.


This half term we are learning how to blog.  We have learnt about ways of replying and commenting safely on a blog and today we are learning how to post to the blog, and what we can and can’t post to keep ourselves safe.