Christmas Traditions

What Christmas traditions do you have?

In my family we always have a stocking that has an orange, an apple, 50p, a bag of chocolate money and a sugar mouse.  This is the only thing you are allowed to open until everyone else in the house wakes up and has had breakfast.  The worst thing about it is that the ‘stocking’ was never really a proper Christmas stocking but usually on old football sock!

Miss T


8 thoughts on “Christmas Traditions

  1. In my house me and my uncle get up really early and sort out all of the presents then the rest of the family that are staying take it in turns to open their presents and take them away to play with

  2. At my house I normally wake up and realise it’s really early. I then open all the presents in my stocking anyway, then try to open the smallest present first then slowly open bigger ones. My Christmas dinner includes: Roast chicken, roast potatoes, stuffing balls, Brussels sprouts and sometimes if we are lucky we might get some gravy or maybe even sausages wrapped in bacon! This is my Christmas.

  3. On Christmas Day we always open my presents from Santa before lunch with my mum dad and brothers and after are lunch we open our presents from our family when there watching but sometimes they don’t come.

  4. My family tradition is to have cold meat, mash, pickel, pickeled red cabbage and veg with ketchup. For pudding we have christmas pudding and custand or cream but me and my sister don’t like it so we have a bowl of custard. by R.W

  5. J.S
    On Christmas eve, my family and I usually have prawn cocktail and a scrumptious buffet, then after we have a present, which is crammed full with pyjamas and wooly socks!

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