In your research about Biomes this week you might want to make use of these websites.

Remember to read the information carefully and make sure you understand what you are reading.  Never just copy out things that you read.

Find out more about Biomes, including aquatic biomes, and where they can be found in the world using the Science for Kids website.

More information about the major biomes of the world can be found here.

Take a look at the Earth Floor of the COTF Classroom of the future.

The Missouri Botanical garden website also tells you more about each major biome.





This week we begin a new quadblogging venture.  We have been linked with three other schools who will become our virtual friends.  Each week we take it in turns to visit one of their blogs and share ideas, ask questions and respond to their posts.

The schools that we have been linked with are:

A year 5 class in Lincoln

A year 5 class (or 4th grade) in Wisconsin, USA


A year 6 class (or 5th grade) in Illinois, USA

Remember the key rules about posting and communicating on line and on our class blog, be polite and friendly, ask questions, don’t give away personal information.

Before the Quadblogging begins see if you can find out about the places that our friends live in, I wonder how different their schools and towns are to ours?  And I also wonder what similarities there are!

Miss T




The Forest by Oliver

The smell of old charcoal bellowed from a burning,

devestation ruined trees’ homes,

The leaves crackled as they disintegrated into the soil,

Straw turned into brown black ashes,

The forest turned into a dim black landscape,

Trees blackened,

Billowing smoke appeared from the burning land.

Inspiration for environmental poetry

This week we carry on ready, analysing and writing our own poems using the environment as an inspiration.

Watch ‘Passing Through Beautiful Landscapes’ from the Literacy Shed website and enjoy the images before you.  Think about how you can recreate that image through your poetry, through you word choices, through your sentence structure and with your use of personification or metaphors.