Basketball Success

imageThis evening we entered a team into the basketball tournament against 6 local schools.  Jonty, Harry, Rosie and Amelie were amazing, working incredibly well as a team, using all of the space of the court and pushing forward to keep possession of the ball.  There were some amazing goals scored and in the end the team came third.  An incredible achievement as it was the first ever basketball tournament that we had entered, we were all so very proud of the whole team.


Girls Footballing Success

image.jpegCongratulations to the girls who represented the school in the football tournament at Test Valley.  Lerryn, Cara, Evie, Rosie, Amber, Holly and Freya were amazing in their attitude towards the matches they played, working brilliantly as a team and ultimately coming second.  I was so very proud of everyone for their teamwork and their determination to do the very best they could.  There was some very stiff competition!


The living rainforest

On the 4th of Febuary clatford class went on a school trip to the Living rainforest. At the start when we got there we had a brefing from the main tour guide. Next we had some free time to have a look around the living rainforest, after that we had time to have lunch aswell as have a play in the play groung outside. This was our day we had a realy fun time

Our Topic

Our current topic is sustainabilty. Sustainability is when you are trying to sustain something, this means you are trying to make sure it doesn’t turn bad or change or be destroyed. We are thinking about how we can make rainforests more sustainable and yesterday we had a class trip about it to the living rainforest. It is a sort of imitation of what a rainforest would be like if it was completely natural. I enjoyed the trip very much.

By Beau.

About Andover By FC


Hi, I live in Andover. I am 10 years old, I like to play with my sisters, Mummy and Daddy. There is a lot of things that I am going to tell you about Andover.

In Andover we have a cinema, there is a new movie called step dad vs dad. Also there is a new movie called Pan. I do swimming lessons on a Wednesday, on Wednesday I like to do breast stroke and sea horse. The swimming pool is 25 metres long also there is a little swimming pool were my two little sisters will be going soon. In Andover we have 52,000 people that live there. That is a lot! In Hampshire there is a massive town where I live and I spend most of my time there. Also in the town there is a lot of shops, where I go shopping, and there are restaurants were I like to eat, my favourite restaurant is the white hart in Andover, which I have only been there once.

Jungle Jungle is a play area where I like to play with my sisters, also I have been there lots of times with mummy and daddy. There are slides, ball pits, bouncy castle and lots more,  you can have birthday parties there as well,  I have had one of my birthday party there. In Andover there are lots and lots of parks. I myself like to play at these parks and my sisters do as well. The parks have swings, slides, ypu can play football, walk your dogs and ride your bike and scooter. There is a farm called finkley down farm. I go there a lot with nanny and my sisters.  In finkley down farm the animals they have are goats, rabbits, horses, ducks, sheep and chickens and lots more. Also there is a sheep race,  a reptile area, park and an indoor play area. I like to play there a lot with my sisters. I like finkley down farm a lot and my sisters and nanny does.


AC’s Blog

About me!!!


Hi. I like to play ice hockey and football. I also like to play on my Xbox and play mine craft. I love to go swimming with my mum and dad and sister, some time I do flips into the pool. I’m really good at art and I do it at home with my sister.

I and my sister go horse riding and I ride a horse well two horses called yoyo and Tess. Tess is bigger than yoyo but they get along. My sister rides two horses well all the horses because she been riding since she was 3 years old, so a long time.

Favourite books.

I’m reading a book called the Elementia chronical, I love reading and I have two more books I like to read, one of them is Harry Potter [all of them] and the other is the Gruffalo

Favourite restaurants.

Me my mum my dad and my sister all ways go on a Sunday to a cafe to get a hot chocolate, and I sometime get a piece of chocolate brownie. I also like to go to hungry horse, but not that much because we don’t really go out for dinner we normally eat at home.


My favourite game is mine craft. I play other games as well like terraria, colour switch, crossy road and doodle jump on my phone. At school I play mathletics with my friends.


I love to listen to music. My favourite bands and singer are nickel back, Sean Mendes, skrillex and Justin bieber. I sometimes sing to myself if I’m sad or annoyed. My sister loves music as well.

Things I like to do in school.

The lessons I like to do are art, maths and literacy. I love to write stories and in fact I might be an author when I’m older. My sister is good at art and so am I, and I enjoy art loads. This is the end of my blog thanks for reading.


About Stockbridge school ~ AW

Hi, my school is called Stockbridge primary. I am 10 years old. I live out in the country with my sister, mum and my two dogs. I like to do my homework a lot.

We have 111 people in our school and we also have 4 classrooms. Every Friday we have celebration assembly were we celebrate birthdays, star worker,  success points and mathletics certificate. At lunch time 6 or 3 peer mentors choose a game for people to play and discover how much they are missing in on sports. Peer mentors are pupils at the school that help and encourage people to do sports and learn more about sports. In our field we have a trim trail, monkey bars and an ampetheatre, which we play on when it is spring or summer.

Also Clatford class go out and sometimes do drama on the ampetheatre. At 12:00 red, yellow, blue and green family goes down to eat their lunch.  After school we have clubs, for example, maths challenge, gardening, art, book, football and lots more. We don’t have clubs on Friday though. In our playground we have a Wendy house, a station because our school used to be a train station in the world war 2 also we have a huff and puff shed were we keep our P.E equipment in there and resources that we play with. In our class room, which is year 5 and 6, our new topic is sustainability. I enjoy this topic a lot because we went to the living rainforest for a class trip and found out more than I did.

My favourite instrument is the piano because the sound calms me and makes me feel in my own comfort zone. 2014, a drama group called the lights came to act with Clatford class. It was amazing, I wish they could come again! I enjoyed year 6’s residential trip to Wales because we went walking, caving, water falling and lots more. IT WAS AMAZING! In P.E  we do hockey, tennis and rounder’s. The fairs we have at our school are Easter fairs, Christmas fairs and Halloween fairs they are really fun.

My favourite book is A boy called Hope, which is written by Lara Williamson. I do recommened this book to you.




I go to Stockbridge school. I am going to tell you about our location. We are very lucky we have the river that runs through the town and in the river there are ducks and trout. The river is the river test and is the cleanest chalk river in England. We also have the oldest fishing club in the world which you can only pass on to your grandson. Our town is small with only 600 people. But it does not seem like that because there are so many tourists. Stockbridge is in the best place it is near Romsey, Winchester and Andover. I love the country. My house is like an island it has one river on on side and another one the other side. You have to cross a bridge to get there it is cool. There is a really cool sweet shop and I go there often and get a bag for one pound.

Book review by Jonty

downloadBook review: Skellig
Skellig is my favourite book, because it’s really good and descriptive, it’s such a fun adventure when you read it, It creates imagery.
At first, a boy called Michael discovers rustling in his garage; he further explores and finds a boy. The boy is eating rotten spiders and rats, he asks for 27 and 53. Michael gets confused and orders 27 and 53 at the Chinese take away, he gives the leftovers to the boy, he calls it the food of the gods.
Later on he finds out the boys nick name is Arthur-itis, he won’t tell Michael his real name. Meanwhile the Michael sister is in hospital suffering from heart failure.
Michael tells his neighbour, Mina about ‘Arthur-itis’ and they take him to a building, where mina’s grandfather died. The boy tells them that his real name is Skellig, and as soon as they get him up to the building, they take his coat off and out comes wings.
When Mina and Michael have gone on many adventures, they think Michael baby sister died. His dad comes home and says that she’s not. They go to the hospital and find that the baby has wings, Michael says, ‘that’s what shoulder blades are for.’

About me by BC

download (1)

This is about me.

My hobbies

I have a lot of different hobbies like fishing, football and rc car driving. I like fishing because it is not a sport it is a hobby which makes it even more fun than ever. As well in fishing you have something called a rod, you use this to catch the fish. On the end of the line you have something called a rig, which has a hook and bait on the end. You can get all sorts of different fish such as carp, tench, and roach and so on.

At Christmas in 2016 I got a rc car you can take it racing and you can take it racing and do lots of other things with it like that.

Last of all I have a little brother called Oscar he is very cute and my hobby with him is playing

What is your hobby?

I hope you enjoy quadblogging with me.