About School by BHS

Stockbridge School can be located in England and its logo is a kingfisher bird on a twig under a small bridge. The head teacher of this school is Mrs Jefferies and the main teacher of my class is Mrs Tregunna but, on Monday when we do French, we have a different teacher who is called Mrs McClue. We have one hundred and eleven children in our school and there are currently four classes but next year they will add another one. The classes we have at the moment are called Sprat and Winkle, Horsebridge, Mottisfont and, my class, Clatford. The classes are called these names because of the history behind the school. Stockbridge school used to be a train station and the stations the train stopped at were the names of the classes, including the class coming soon, Redbridge. Did you know that Stockbridge School is more than one hundred years old?
In school we have four colour families, red, blue, yellow and the colour family I am in, green. The colour families are the groups we are put in which decide where we sit at lunch times and what team we are on at sports day. Our school values, which are like school rules, are respect, resilience, collaboration and resourcefulness. At school we have after school clubs which include breakfast club, football club and the clubhouse. We start school at nine’ o’clock and go home at three’ o’clock. Lunch time is at five minutes past twelve and break time is at half ten.
Every year on the very last day of school we go to a pantomime and half way through are given a pot of ice cream! The day before that we always have to perform in our school play in which, there is normally LOTS of songs. When you are in year six you go on a residential to Wales. When I went there it was really fun even if one of the meals was REALLY spicy. We do many activities there such as mountain climbing and caving.
In our school we have talk partners which are changed every week and we are sometimes asked to work with them to do some work. We also have a ladder of consequences which is something that you write your name on if you have been badly behaved. Every term we have a new topic and lots of homework. This terms topic is sustainability. To help with our topic we had a class trip a week ago to the Living Rain-forest and I was really intrigued by all the animal and plants. Stockbridge School is amazing!


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