About Andover By FC


Hi, I live in Andover. I am 10 years old, I like to play with my sisters, Mummy and Daddy. There is a lot of things that I am going to tell you about Andover.

In Andover we have a cinema, there is a new movie called step dad vs dad. Also there is a new movie called Pan. I do swimming lessons on a Wednesday, on Wednesday I like to do breast stroke and sea horse. The swimming pool is 25 metres long also there is a little swimming pool were my two little sisters will be going soon. In Andover we have 52,000 people that live there. That is a lot! In Hampshire there is a massive town where I live and I spend most of my time there. Also in the town there is a lot of shops, where I go shopping, and there are restaurants were I like to eat, my favourite restaurant is the white hart in Andover, which I have only been there once.

Jungle Jungle is a play area where I like to play with my sisters, also I have been there lots of times with mummy and daddy. There are slides, ball pits, bouncy castle and lots more,  you can have birthday parties there as well,  I have had one of my birthday party there. In Andover there are lots and lots of parks. I myself like to play at these parks and my sisters do as well. The parks have swings, slides, ypu can play football, walk your dogs and ride your bike and scooter. There is a farm called finkley down farm. I go there a lot with nanny and my sisters.  In finkley down farm the animals they have are goats, rabbits, horses, ducks, sheep and chickens and lots more. Also there is a sheep race,  a reptile area, park and an indoor play area. I like to play there a lot with my sisters. I like finkley down farm a lot and my sisters and nanny does.



3 thoughts on “About Andover By FC

  1. wow Andover sounds like a really amazing place ! I wish I lived there .
    come visit our blog thanks ,
    livilove 😉

  2. Hi my name i s Reagan and i loved your blog. it had a lot of detail in it and i really like it. Do you go to Jungle Jungle a lot. I wish i had Jungle Jungle in my town that sounds really fun. What do you like more Jungle Jungle or your cinemia?

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