About Stockbridge school ~ AW

Hi, my school is called Stockbridge primary. I am 10 years old. I live out in the country with my sister, mum and my two dogs. I like to do my homework a lot.

We have 111 people in our school and we also have 4 classrooms. Every Friday we have celebration assembly were we celebrate birthdays, star worker,  success points and mathletics certificate. At lunch time 6 or 3 peer mentors choose a game for people to play and discover how much they are missing in on sports. Peer mentors are pupils at the school that help and encourage people to do sports and learn more about sports. In our field we have a trim trail, monkey bars and an ampetheatre, which we play on when it is spring or summer.

Also Clatford class go out and sometimes do drama on the ampetheatre. At 12:00 red, yellow, blue and green family goes down to eat their lunch.  After school we have clubs, for example, maths challenge, gardening, art, book, football and lots more. We don’t have clubs on Friday though. In our playground we have a Wendy house, a station because our school used to be a train station in the world war 2 also we have a huff and puff shed were we keep our P.E equipment in there and resources that we play with. In our class room, which is year 5 and 6, our new topic is sustainability. I enjoy this topic a lot because we went to the living rainforest for a class trip and found out more than I did.

My favourite instrument is the piano because the sound calms me and makes me feel in my own comfort zone. 2014, a drama group called the lights came to act with Clatford class. It was amazing, I wish they could come again! I enjoyed year 6’s residential trip to Wales because we went walking, caving, water falling and lots more. IT WAS AMAZING! In P.E  we do hockey, tennis and rounder’s. The fairs we have at our school are Easter fairs, Christmas fairs and Halloween fairs they are really fun.

My favourite book is A boy called Hope, which is written by Lara Williamson. I do recommened this book to you.


3 thoughts on “About Stockbridge school ~ AW

  1. Your school sounds like so much fun. I like the piano too,but I like the violin better because I play the violin and know more about it. I know how to play the piano a bit and I get in the zone too. Keep on blogging. Your blog was great.
    Your friend

  2. Hi my name is Sean, your school sounds very fun. I’ve played the piano before for 2 or 3 years. I now play the saxaphone. I thought your blog was really good.

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