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About me!!!


Hi. I like to play ice hockey and football. I also like to play on my Xbox and play mine craft. I love to go swimming with my mum and dad and sister, some time I do flips into the pool. I’m really good at art and I do it at home with my sister.

I and my sister go horse riding and I ride a horse well two horses called yoyo and Tess. Tess is bigger than yoyo but they get along. My sister rides two horses well all the horses because she been riding since she was 3 years old, so a long time.

Favourite books.

I’m reading a book called the Elementia chronical, I love reading and I have two more books I like to read, one of them is Harry Potter [all of them] and the other is the Gruffalo

Favourite restaurants.

Me my mum my dad and my sister all ways go on a Sunday to a cafe to get a hot chocolate, and I sometime get a piece of chocolate brownie. I also like to go to hungry horse, but not that much because we don’t really go out for dinner we normally eat at home.


My favourite game is mine craft. I play other games as well like terraria, colour switch, crossy road and doodle jump on my phone. At school I play mathletics with my friends.


I love to listen to music. My favourite bands and singer are nickel back, Sean Mendes, skrillex and Justin bieber. I sometimes sing to myself if I’m sad or annoyed. My sister loves music as well.

Things I like to do in school.

The lessons I like to do are art, maths and literacy. I love to write stories and in fact I might be an author when I’m older. My sister is good at art and so am I, and I enjoy art loads. This is the end of my blog thanks for reading.



7 thoughts on “AC’s Blog

  1. Hi AC!

    Horse riding sounds really fun! I also like to listen to music, but I don’t like to listen to the same music as you. I’ve always wanted to read the Harry Potter series. What kind of stories do you like to write?



  2. Hi my name is Rachel, I love the Harry Potter series, what is Gruffalo about? I love art and reading! I have ridden a horse before but I am not very good at it. How old is your sister? Do you like your school activities?
    Your Friend,

  3. Yeah horse riding is fun and I enjoy it. I listen to rock and rap music. The Harry potter books are really good, and you will enjoy them. I love to write all tippes of stories but my favourite ones to write are mystery stories ……

  4. Hi! i am Shelby from the United States. I love minecraft too i love to swim but i am not the best at it. I can do i front flip though. How old is Tess and Yoyo?

  5. Hi AC i’m Bronson. i love math as well, i also love reading. My favorite genre in books is graphic novels. I love all kinds of music. I like every single genre. My favorite band is Panic! At The Disco.

  6. Hi I’m Mick. I loved your blog. I liked how you added all those categories and put a lot of information in each one. I also like to play games but i don’t have a phone, I have a IPad.Do you do competitive horse riding or just for fun. Great blog.

  7. Hi my name is Olivia. I enjoyed your blog very much. I love art like you said you did. I also enjoy sports. That is so cool that you like hockey, I do not play but I love going to games and watch it on TV. Do you enjoy panting? What is your favorite hobby?

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