Book review by Jonty

downloadBook review: Skellig
Skellig is my favourite book, because it’s really good and descriptive, it’s such a fun adventure when you read it, It creates imagery.
At first, a boy called Michael discovers rustling in his garage; he further explores and finds a boy. The boy is eating rotten spiders and rats, he asks for 27 and 53. Michael gets confused and orders 27 and 53 at the Chinese take away, he gives the leftovers to the boy, he calls it the food of the gods.
Later on he finds out the boys nick name is Arthur-itis, he won’t tell Michael his real name. Meanwhile the Michael sister is in hospital suffering from heart failure.
Michael tells his neighbour, Mina about ‘Arthur-itis’ and they take him to a building, where mina’s grandfather died. The boy tells them that his real name is Skellig, and as soon as they get him up to the building, they take his coat off and out comes wings.
When Mina and Michael have gone on many adventures, they think Michael baby sister died. His dad comes home and says that she’s not. They go to the hospital and find that the baby has wings, Michael says, ‘that’s what shoulder blades are for.’


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