hobbies – LL


My hobbies are football and rugby but my favourite is football but there can be some  problems because you can get injured some times . I’m really good at football because I started when I was four.  My position is right wing, what’s yours?

We play inside in winter and in summer we play outside.  Our team name is Stockbridge and our football kit is red and white.  We play matches every Saturday and on Tuesdays we train.

Rugby is not my favourite because it is very rough and I’m not that rough.  I play rugby for Andover under 10s.

I also do another hobby called skiing.  I love it because I started when I was 2.  I was always scared to do lessons because I didn’t understand the language because we learnt to ski in Austria.


3 thoughts on “hobbies – LL

  1. I think football is really fun! Did you know in Wisconsin football is called soccer. My hobby is gymnastics but I do dance now.

  2. Hi my name is Benjamin and I also like to ski and play football. For football I am a center and have been playing football life. For skiing i have only been skiing for 4-5 years. These are both of my two favorite sports.

  3. Hi my name is Benjamin and I love football and skiing. They are my two favorite sports. In football I have been playing my whole life and I play center.

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