Minecraft by TE

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One of my favorite hobbies is to play Minecraft because Minecraft is a computer/console game made of blocks. You get different biomes such as: Deserts, Jungles, Forests and lots more. You get different enemies such as creepers, zombies, witches, endermen and ghast. Creepers are green, four legged explosive creatures. Zombies, as you know, are un-dead green monsters and they wear dark blue ripped trousers and a light blue T-shirt. Spiders are giant, eight eyed creatures that appear at night. Endermen are black tall teleporting brutes. Witches are npcs who throw potions to eliminate your player. Ghast are white flying giant mobs that shoot fireballs that explode on impact. There are many more mobs but there are too many to explain.


3 thoughts on “Minecraft by TE

  1. I like playing Minecraft too, what is your favorite part of Minecraft? I like the new 1.8.9 update because I can decorate my house with sea lanterns and other, sea like blocks.

  2. Hi I’m awesomesauce101 I’m your quad blogger.I love minecraft too I like creative mode because I can build whatever I wan’t. How about you?

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