My hobbies -JS

Stockbridge School sporting activities
HI  I go to Stockbridge primary school. There are 111 pupils in our school, so it’s very small. In our school there are many sporting activities, we go up to the local secondary school and compete in the competitions, we play against the other schools nearby. My favourite sport is skiing, but I like football (soccer) just as much, I play for Andover youth FC, but I do many other hobbies. I also like every other sport there are, I love them all! Stockbridge is in Hampshire, it’s very small; there are a couple of shops, supermarkets and restaurants. It’s located near the river test, it’s the best, most famous and the oldest place to fish trout in the world. I also take part in many clubs and events, for example, scouts, youth club, races for charity and other things. I support Barcelona, because I used to live in a Spanish island, called Ibiza. What is your favourite team? What is your favourite sport?


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