My Hobbies By HD

Harrys hobbies

I find that I am a very good reader possibly the best in my class. My favourite books are: All of the Charlie Higson books, all of the Anthony Horowitz books, all of the Percy Jackson books, all of the Secret Seven books, All of the famous Five books and the set of minecraft books. What are your favourite books?

I am a very good gamer. The console I like most is the Xbox 360, I like this console most because you can get a lot of very good games on it. My personal favourites are: Minecraft, Halo (all of them except for the first one), Fifa and Star wars. If you have a console comment and tell me. What is your favourite console?

My favourite TV shows are ones that insanely annoy my dad. My favourites are: Marvin Marvin, Big time rush, Fred the show and the Amazing world of Gumball. What are your favourites?

My favourite sports are: Soccer, Karate, Boxing, Tennis, Golf, Judo, Kick-boxing, Net-Ball, T-Ball, Basket-Ball and also swimming. What are your favourites’?

When I’m alone I sometimes:

  • Make up songs.
  • Make up plans to annoy my brother.
  • Make forts under my bed. I can fit under it because it’s a bunk bed.
  • Play with my (toy) guns.
  • Play my Xbox.
  • Go downstairs and shoot my mum with my (toy) gun.



One thought on “My Hobbies By HD

  1. Hello, I am very happy to comment on your post. My favorite books are Echo, Esperanza Rising, and Rain Reign. I don’t really play video games, so I do not have a favorite video game console. My favorite TV shows are cupcake wars and fixer upper. My favorite sports are softball and volleyball. How do you like living in your town? How many people live their?

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