My Hobbies By JMac

My Hobbies

Hello,  I’m in Stockbridge Primary School in Hampshire, England. I have a lot of hobbies such as climbing trees. I love climbing trees because at the end you can get a good view of the landscape, but at the same time you’re staying healthy. I also like playing bench ball because it’s fun trying to catch the ball while dodging the other people who are running around next to you. It’s also fun on the bench because you have to try and catch the ball so somebody else can come on the bench. It’s a very intense game. I also like writing stories. My favourite genre of stories is thriller or horror. They are usually about people dying from a zombie infection or a murderer getting into people’s homes.  I also like going on blogs because you get to see what people are doing, but you can post things online as well. I like swimming, I like doing the butterfly because you have to move your arms, legs and body at the same the same time. My other favourite thing to do is go on my Xbox. I personally like playing on Minecraft because you can build what you imagine and have fun with your friends.


2 thoughts on “My Hobbies By JMac

  1. Hi JMac, I know you like to write stories because I go to your school. All of your stories are morbid with blood oozing out of the heart like a grizzly bear screaming in rage. Your blog is interesting and fantastic. Keep it up. AW

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