My school by HW

Hello. I go to Stockbridge Primary school. In total there are 111 pupils in our school we have 4 classes: Clatford, Mottisfont, Horsebidge and Sprat and Winkle. Our school used to be a train station so in our playground we have lots of signs saying things that used to be there.       Our school is located right next to the River Test so Stockbridge is perfect for finding Trout.  In our school at lunchtimes we go in, in colour families so that there is not a big queue.

This is my school and its history.

download (2)


6 thoughts on “My school by HW

  1. Hi I’m eaCafter, 111 kids in the school is 4 less kids in my grade! The only fish by our school is the ones in the offies come to read posts on driving in 4th.

  2. HW I like your post i wish you have wrote more so i can read more about your school. Have you ever read the CHERUB Book 1

  3. Hi my name is Ryan and I play soccer and basketball. I like that your school but I wish you wrote more about your self so I know more about you. I can’t what to here back form you

  4. Hi my name is Benjamin. I think it is cool that it is cool that your school is history. How long has your school been in that spot?

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