Basketball Success

imageThis evening we entered a team into the basketball tournament against 6 local schools.  Jonty, Harry, Rosie and Amelie were amazing, working incredibly well as a team, using all of the space of the court and pushing forward to keep possession of the ball.  There were some amazing goals scored and in the end the team came third.  An incredible achievement as it was the first ever basketball tournament that we had entered, we were all so very proud of the whole team.


7 thoughts on “Basketball Success

  1. Hi my name is Reagan. I think it is cool that you won the first tournament you entered. I love basketball as well. I play basketball i play post and sometimes wing. What positions do you play?

    • Hi I am Rosie and in our basket ball we do not have positions but I like shooting and dribbling what is your favriote position to play.

    • Hi I am Rosie and why don’t you get your school to set a tournament up for your school and the schools around you. It was so fun but it was hard work.

  2. Hi I’m Rachel! Great job during the basketball game, it sounded fun. I love basketball it is one of my favorite sports! Do you only play with 4 players instead of 5? In USA we play with 5 players per team.

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