Our sculptures by GN

Over this week Clatford class has been making animal sculptures. The first thing we had to do was choose a picture of an animal of your choice and photocopy it from the book.  Next we had to start making the shape for our animal. We had to use newspaper and masking tape. We had to make the shape by scrunching up the newspaper and sticking it together using small bits of masking tape after. That we could start mod rocking. We had a roll of mod rock and we had  cut strips of it.    After we cut the strips we had to dip them in cold water after we got them out of the water we had to wipe the drips of water off with our finger. Next we had to put them on the newspaper and smooth down the edges. We had to do this so it would dry it would dry nicely and the holes in the mod rock wouldn’t show. You had to go through this process with the mod rock at least 3 times. After the mod rock has dried we can paint it.


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