At the dead of night, the perilous guns shot violently. I could hear the them, they were roaring like lions. The rubble beneath me shattered, as if there was an earth quake, but it was the bombs. I started to run, because I heard yell, the soldiers saw me and blasted their guns at me. I surrendered before I died and they took me somewhere unknown. I opened my eyes and saw a sullen, barricaded camp, it was covered in sharp, rusty barbed wire. The metal fence was all ragged and looked like it was scribbled on a rough blackboard. Was I staying here ? The majestic doors hung above me as the truck rode in, I was thrown ferociously onto the floor. I needed to escape this terrible place, it was torture.

12 years later…

The guard strolled in to give me the rotten grub, that I was getting served here. he fell for my trap, a wire was on the floor and when you trip over it gas spluttered out of the ventilation pipe, it was a genius. The food smashed onto the floor and he tripped, when he fell on the floor I stole his uniform and wore it myself, i went in to the head quarters and put on my best German accent, ” I want to go on my summer break and be substituted for Bart Wansuartz, he’s been delayed for 3 months.”


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