A new term

Welcome back to the summer term.  And what a busy term is it going to be!  We have lots of events happening, along with some great learning.

Here’s a picture to get you thinking about our learning focus for the term ahead.  What do you notice?  What questions does it raise?

Miss T



41 thoughts on “A new term

  1. I believe that this structure might have been where the tribe prayed to their gods. The reason I thought of this is because the building is so close to the sky, so it’s closer to their gods. M.E

    • yes I have the same thought because I don’t really expect it to be anything else. but nobody really know anyways only ideas. Sean

    • I do not agree with you jack because the people that put the emporer in there would be stuck

  2. I believe this structure might have been like a temple. It is almost like it is an arrow pointing to the sky, so they can talk to their god and pray to them. J.Mc

  3. I think this is a Maya tomb, for praying to their Gods, it could also have the weird scribings from the other photo to tell the story of their lives or some type of bible.

    • It is very likely this is true, the bodies in the crypt would’ve disintegrated over all these years and so there wouldn’t be an indicator of this being a tomb inside any more.

      By Beau.

  4. M.E I agree I also think they pray there and that they want to be closer to the gods or goddesses. by R.W

    • Georgia- this is a good idea. You could be right because they could pray to they’re gods so they could be close to them.

  5. This looks like a temple to punish or kill them for stuff that they did wrong. It could also be a lookout for enemies or a place were they pray to there gods (sacrificesing themselves to see their gods. JD

  6. I think that it was a battlement because there are little holes in the wall so archers can shoot out of the little holes.
    I also think that it’s that because warriors can run down the stairs and get the higher ground. H.D

  7. Holly
    I think that this could be a temple because it is very high up which means they would beable to communicate with their God. Also it looks like inside it is quite private which would mean they would be able to pray without being disturbed.

    • I think you might be right holly because it dose look a bit private and maybe the rich people can only pray there.O.s

    • This is a good idea because its high up, so they can pray closer to the gods. Its also quite tall so they could go on the roof and be even more closer to their god. J.Mc

  8. I think that the building was built for praying to their gods they believed in and also for having funerals their and celebrating.


  9. I believe that Mayan people who were chiefs or kings used this as a home to show they owned great amounts of money and also their importance. It, like the Egyptian pyramid, was made with resources that were easy to collect, but there were lots of the material that was needed for the building so it would take hard lots of hard work to build, as their technology was no where near as advanced as it is today, the clay or other resource would be carried most likely by hand. The Mayan chief or king would be in charge of the whole Mayan tribe in that area.

    By Beau.

  10. Georgia- I think it might of been like a tomb that they could pray in. They might of prayed in this because the point is quite tall. This might be tall so they are more close to the sky and the gods.

    I also think this is a temple that they put dead body’s in like the egyptions.

  11. Lerryn
    I think that is ware they pray so they can get as close to the gods.so they can go to the gods instead of the gods going to them.

  12. You know that it might be a temple that the dead people of maya are buried in to be remembered.

  13. I have 2 reasons what it could be first it could be a archery tower and millions of soldiers inside. Or a place where all the criterions hide in for protection from battles and wars.
    BY H.S

  14. Ben- I think that this triangular building was used to sacrifice people and then they would be dropped in the hole in the middle which was engulfed with flames. Also I think that they have all of them stairs so that people would not be able to get down very easily.

  15. I think that it is where royal people are put in coffins in the tomb, I also think that in the door on the bottom is where they used to hide from enimies in the Temple.

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