codexThis is called codex.  What do you think it is?  What could it be used for?  Who might use it?


51 thoughts on “Codex

  1. I think that this is what the people who were living in the past used to use to communicate I think this because I have heard that people used to draw on walls and show their life. Also I think it could be what people used as the bible in the past because it is on paper and could of come from a book.

    • I think you might be right because ive heard about when they used to draw about their life too. sean

    • maybe that’s their secret kind of language but they cant say it so they talk on he walls and with pictures. sean

    • I agree with you Holly because in the past they use to communicate with pictures and drawings. For example the Egyptians and many others.
      BY H.S

  2. I think it could be a sort god or goddess for the after life. Because the Egyptians did a tunnel to hell or a tunnel to heaven. Or it could be a communication.

    • Possibly Harley. I think that communication is a very good idea because there are lots of pictures.H.D

  3. I think the codex is a secret code that only the Maya civilization could read. It could be a way to talk to their god. This would be in a temple or a building to worship their god.
    By J.Mc

    • yeah good idea Jace because I think if they’d of kept it there then in about a couple of 100 years time arceoligists can find it. sean

  4. I think this ancient “Codex” is a way of the Maya, to tell stories and myths. I think this because it looks similar to the Egyption way of doing so, It uses figures and strange symbols. It also looks a bit like a book, but just on a rock, maybe this could be in the tomb on the other photo.

  5. What do you think it is? I think it is their way of speaking in patterns to communicate with other people. A.W

    • yeah or maybe they keep a story on there so then in about 500 years later archeoligists can ind it. sean

  6. Rowan
    I think that it is a picture from many years ago. It would have been used to communicate just like we use the alphabet.

  7. I think its to communicate with others because maybe in the Mayan times they couldn’t speak with their mouths so they had to write and draw pictures to tell each other.


  8. I think it is there way of speaking in Egypt beacause,they speak with pictures instead of words.

  9. I think it’s what they drew to remember thing in the past and so they can tell history.
    By Freya.

  10. I think it’s sort of like hieroglyphics because I think all of the faces tell the story of their gods.
    I think the people who would use it would be the scribes, because maybe they prayed in front of it to worship their gods and their ancient ancestors for drawing it on the wall. H.D

  11. Georgia- I think this might be an ancient writing. This might be it because the might it looks like they might of written like this in pictures.
    It could be used for a book so people could read it and understand it.
    Children could use it to read. Also some people could use it to write in pictures.

    • yes good idea. I think that too because I think its there own alphabet but they only speak on the walls and with pictures. Sean

  12. I believe that this Mayan object was used in Mayan times to keep track of events or record long gone times. I believe this because you can see that this artifact has drawings, carvings or paintings on it. These I believe each symbolize and represent a different event or happening. The odd hieroglyphics around the pictures must be the Mayan writing or way of communicating, explaining what is what is happening in these pictures.

    By Beau.

  13. I think these are messages to either warn or just to give people information about what’s going on. I also think rich people such as priests and the rulers of the city. This is very similar to the Egyptians because they use pictures to tell everyone I think JD

  14. I think the letters are hieroglyphics because maybe the Egyptians first made the hieroglyphics or maybe the Mayas
    made it them selves o.s

  15. the point is that is telling us about some kind of death punishment for people who do something bad or there was a war going on in those times maybe telling us the art of torture, see what other clues you might find.

  16. I think this may have been some sort of ancient prophecy from the Mayan era, or a story about the sacrifices to their gods. M.E

  17. Amber. I think it’s how they described their feelings or how they use to write to each other.
    Or it might be art that they did to remember people that died in their family.

    • good idea. I think that too because that might be their own little Alphabet to help them speak on walls and with pictures. Sean

  18. who knows Amelie it might be both but actually the maya was in south America if the maya book I read was right but good question Amelie.

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