The Past

How do we know what life was like in the past when there are no photos, videos or written records to tell us?

Or maybe it’s not actually possible to know about the past without those things?

What do you think?


11 thoughts on “The Past

  1. Ryan
    I think there are clues all around the temple like the codex, could be translated into English and the codex can tell us what it was like back then.

  2. I think there might of bin statues that survived a long time. To tell us a bit of information about them or the past.
    BY H.S

  3. Lewis L

    I think that they yous sim balls or perhaps how we now is all the old things that have bin in the ground.

  4. Rowan
    I think that are evidence is all the maulosolems and all the pictures that they used to communicate

  5. Ben- I think that we will some time soon about the Maya civilization because the languages will have been past on through time to our English language

  6. Rowan
    Why do you think that Ryan because there is no evidence in the pictures and you can not see any chalk or paint.

  7. I think that instead of writing their stories they drew them in their hieroglyphic like language to only make sense to the other Mayans. M.E

    • And so if or when we translate it, it will tell us about their secret religion and reveal some crucial information about them. M.E

  8. I believe that there is no certain way of knowing what means what or what does a certain thing, nobody knows what it does now, but that doesn’t matter. We can work out things and try to find out more information about this civilization by just observing the artifacts and architecture and comparing these to other objects from other pasts or modern day objects. We ma have suspicions but no matter almost what, we will never find out what these objects and structures are almost ever.

    By Beau.

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