My Neighborhood by Beau

I live in Andover in the south of England. I am approximately seventy miles from London.

The area I live in is normally quite noisy, but not too busy. The area was only built about  4-6 years ago, so the area is still rather new. I am not near any rivers or big woodlands.

There is a small park about twenty minutes walk from my house; we don’t often go to it. We have many shops about ten minutes drive away from my house, but we almost never use them.

Near my house there is a really long and wide path where you can cycle because it’s normally empty and barely used.

I don’t really like the area in which I live: there is barely any wildlife,  can’t go out anywhere to play and I’m not even allowed to go to my friends house who lives only about 5 minutes walk away from my house. I want to go there but I’m never allowed to do anything in my neighborhood it’s really very boring.

By Beau.




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