Where I live: By H.D

I live in a small village, on the outskirts of Andover. It’s in the south of Britain, and a few miles     from the town of Stockbridge, population 600.

we can see, out of our window, not many cars going past, but lots of houses surround lots of land. When you come out of your house you can see a huge cliff and when you go up a hill you walk along the cliff and pet some horses. There are is also a great view of all of the houses when you look out of your window. It has lots of parks where I live because there are about 14 kids on my part of the land and all of them are about 10.

My favourite thing to do is to go on my trampoline with my friends because we are all very heavy and when we jump we go miles into the air. I also like going to the park with my friends because we play really fun games.

If I could change any-thing I would change the size of the parks because they are very small and only 8 year old’s and under are allowed to on the: swings,that go very high; The Round About, that makes me dizzy and the slide, which is slippy.

By H.D


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