Where I Live By J.Mc

I live in a village in England. My village is just outside of Winchester.                                              The area is quite quiet, but everyday you can hear birds twittering in the trees.You can sometimes hear the traffic from Andover going to Winchester. There are quite a lot of hills in my village because we keep cows in them and we have a field for growing wine grapes. Also in our village we have a dairy where we keep cows and harvest their milk!                                               I like to walk down to the park and take photographs of wildlife. Sometimes at night me and my family go for a walk around the dairy and around the lodges, but where I live  we have a lot of tractors so we have to be very careful.

In the park there are only four swings and a big field to in. There is also a small woods where we can build dens and play games. Across the road from the park there is a shop; they sell almost anything.

If I could change anything about my village I would add more things to the park so it makes people more active. I would also add more tracks along the fields so we can go to different places instead of going to the same place.




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