Where I live by : R.W

I live in a little village on the outskirts of Stockbridge /which is in the south of England approximately 70 miles away from London.

The area that I live in is quiet but has a lot of cars come up and down the hill. When I look out my window I see cows in the field and when I look out my front window I see an odd dear and rabbits running in the field even q fox once. I like running, playing and walking my dogs in the fields.

I often go down to the local river and walk along side it. I also like going to the park down the road as it only takes 5-10 minuets to walk there;there is:a climbing fram,football goal,swings,slide,flying fox (zip line),swings and a basketball and netball nets and benches for the parents.

If I could change anything it is a farm closer so i can help out there, a hospital so i can work in it and have a local swimming pool for all the people who live near by.


By R.W


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