Where I live bye Amelie W

I live in a small village just on the outskirts of Stockbridge. It is quite quiet where I live which is quite good!

The environment around me is spacious, big and safe because not a lot of cars or people come here. The most cars that go through are approximately 10 a day. In the morning I can hear birds humming, owls coughing and a dogs wheep. Sometimes I listen to the the birds and olws at night and then I fall asleep.

I can see cars coming home from work and birds bringing food to her nest. On a lovely summer day I go out to my garden and go out and find things to put in my collection. Around me there is a lot of woods, trees and gardens to play in an also go on adventures.

Two things I would change about where i live is:

  • Is having a river near me
  • A park to play in

This is because where I live there is nothing to play with or do except to watch TV and doing homework.


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