Solar and Lunar Eclipses

In our study of the movement of the planets, how the Earth orbits the Sun and how the moon orbits the Earth we have been using these websites to help using our understanding.

The BBC Science Clips website tells us all about Earth and Space

The web page that has been created by the university of Nebraska shows an animation of the tilt of the Earth and how this influences the daylight hours across the planet.  Set the observer to stand at 54 degrees North for them to experience daylight in the UK>



The Science Centre and Planetarium

We had an amazing time at the Winchester Science Centre last week.  In addition to having time to explore all of the fantastic exhibits we enjoyed a ‘Tim Peake’ workshop where we learnt about life as an astronaut.  We discovered the effect that life in a vacuum could have on your body, the problems that face astronauts where liquid is concerned and we had an opportunity to control a robot, just as the astronauts would.

After lunch we spent an hour in the planetarium enjoying the journey through space.  It was incredible being able to visit all of the different planets and learn more about them.  Some, we discovered, are more volatile than they look, some a made of pure gas and some even experience rain that falls as liquid diamonds.

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