A view from space

Tim Peake took this photo from the ISS.  Where do you think it is?  Does it look familiar to you?  What can you see in the picture?



13 thoughts on “A view from space

  1. This is a photo of Scotland. We can tell this because you can see a bit of England and Northern Island. J.Mc and F.C

  2. We think this is U.K because of the shape of the island and you see the top of Scotland. Also we think the city is York. We didn’t use an atlas for this job. H.D + H.S

  3. We think it is the place we live in. The Shape of it looks exactly the same as the north of England. It is very green and has clowds, it is not aways sunny in England which highers the chances of it being our country. we all so think it is York because it is in the north of England. We really hope you comment and agree with us please tell us.

    Lerryn and Amber

    • we agree with you about it being the north of England but we had look on google maps and York is not in the north it is in the east of England.

      ben/ lewis

  4. Beth and Georgia: We think this is in Scotland. This is because of the shape and the color and it is near the sea.

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