A view from space

Look carefully at the shapes on the ground in this photo.  There are lots of clues that should help you to identify this country, and maybe even the city.



14 thoughts on “A view from space

  1. We think this is Egypt because you can see three pyramids in the middle of the picture, you can also see the River Nile. J.Mc and F.C

  2. We have looked closely at the picture and we have come up with an idea because there is two pirimads in the centre of the picture so we think it is Egypt
    Lerryn and Amber

  3. we have looked at the picture very closely and we think that it is in Egypt, Cairo because we saw the two pyramids of Giza.

  4. Me and Oli thought that these were pyramids in Egypt Cairo, we first thought they were the ones from the Mayans, but when we looked closely they had pointy tops and the Mayans have flat tops.
    J.S O.S

  5. Beth and Georgia- We thought it could be in Egypt because it looks like desert and is Mostly sandy. We found out it was called Tim Peake Pyramids.

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