Map reading

Next week we are going to Wales on our residential trip.  It is essential that we can read a map, we don’t want to get lost!

This link to the OS website has some great games and video clips to help us.


The Houses of Parliament

Today year 6 had an amazing day at The Houses of Parliament in London.  It took just over 2 hours to get there but we enjoyed spotting the planes flying into Heathrow, sky scrapers and even police boats, it was all very different than Stockbridge!

When we arrived we had a tour of the House of Lords and the House of Commons.  We were amazed by the splendour of the royal throne, the Queen’s robe room and the areas around the House of Lords.  The House of Commons was not so ornate but still impressive.

We enjoyed lunch in the park alongside the Thames and all agreed that we wouldn’t want to swim in it!  We were also able to spot the London Eye, the Big ben tower and The Shard from our picnic spot.

In the afternoon we watched the Speaker parading into the chamber, along with the golden mace and learnt about the Suffragettes and their fight for equality, we even had the opportunity to see the very banner that Emily Davison tried to put over the King’s horse.

We ended the day meeting our MP Caroline Nokes who told us what it was like to work as an MP in the Houses of Parliament.

A church visit

To end our first full week in year 6 we were invited to St Peters Church in the high street to see the church bells being removed before they were taken to Whitechapel in London for cleaning and repairing.  As soon as we arrived one of the bells was lowered from the church tower, we then had an opportunity to talk to the workmen about the bells.  It was fascinating to learn that the bells were forged in the 1600s, about 30 years after the great fire of London.  The bells were first installed in the old St Peters Church before being transported to the new one.  They were last taken down 60 years ago, when they are next taken down we will be 70 years old!  Many thanks to everyone for giving us such a great opportunity.