The Brecon Beacons

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Last week year 6 had an amazing week in Wales.  During the week we do used on living out our school values, especially those of responsibility and collaboration.  We had to cook, keep our house clean and tidy, make lunches, wash lots of dishes as well as experiencing being out in the beautiful Welsh landscape.  We learnt about the legend of Maen Llia (the standing stone) explored the derelict landscape that was once a gunpowder factory, walked up a mountain in the pouring rain, worked together to canoe down the canal in the warm sunshine and challenged ourselves by crawling through the cave systems deep underground.  We all took turns to lead different activities during the week and really grew in independence and thoughtfulness.


2 thoughts on “The Brecon Beacons

  1. We all had a really good time in Wales especially crossing the river. Cara and Lerryn i think you were just a little bit wet when you fell in.

  2. I think we all had a great time in Wales but I must say my best part for me was the caveing , going through little holes and wadeing through rivers. Thank you Miss T and Miss Jeffries.

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