Cinema Trip

On Tuesday 22nd November, at one o’clock year 3-6 took a trip down the high street to the town hall. At the town hall we were watching a film, but nobody knew what the film was. When we got there the film was announced, and was called ‘All Stars.’ It was about some children creating a dance group and funding a concert to save the garage, which is a building that you can go to after school and make friends. I thought it was a really good film and I recommend it to you.

Do you ever go to the cinema with your school?

by Kiki



Residentials are where  you go for school trips but you stay there overnight. At our school,  in year 3 we get to camp at school for a night on the school field. We sleep 2 or 3 in a tent. In year 4 we sleep at Oxenwood for 2 nights and do hikes and have hot chocolate! At the start of year 5 we go to Calshot for 3 nights where we do sailing, tower building, rock climbing and kayaking. Later on in year 6 we go to Wales for a week and do caving, water falling, canoeing, rock climbing and hiking up mountains. My favourite activity is caving because we got to fit through small gaps the size of a postbox! We also all got to work as a team and help each over. Do you go on any residentials with your school?


Residential Trips by James

In year three you would stay at school for one night in the school field and you could play games for example tag, football and so on. If you are year four you go to Oxenwood you would do night walking, building dens and going hiking. In year five you go to Calshot. At Calshot you take part in activities such as rock climbing, kayaking, sailing, archery and ringos. In year six you go to the Brecon Beacons and do caving, canoeing, mountain walking, water falling and go on a gun powder walk. My favourite activity was rock climbing because I love heights and it challenges you.

Have you ever been on a residential trip?

School trips

Lately key stage 2 went to the town hall to watch a movie called All Stars. We go on all sorts of school trips for example:Marwell Zoo, The Winchester Theatre and the Houses of Parliament. We also go on nearby trips where we walk to the church, the grocery shop or the old peoples homes. My favourite trip was going to the Houses of Parliament, what is yours?

Sports at Stockbridge Primary

In Stockbridge primary we have sports day that happens every year . In sports day we do things like sprinting up and down and egg on the spoon race ,long jump and skipping races . Every Monday a sports teacher comes in and teaches us football , tag rugby and net ball . She teaches all of the year groups and after school she does hockey club for mixed ages. Each week we also do a sports lesson in the hall which might be gymnastics or dance . Year 6 are doing partner balances in gym at the moment. My favourite sport is football, what’s yours ?



Stockbridge school put on lots of performances like a year six leavers play, xmas nativity and Christmas carol concert. Year six is the last year in primary so they get to perform their own show. In the past they have staged little red riding hood, Peter piper and Alice in wonderland. You have to learn lots of lines , songs and solos. Do you do plays? What is your favourite?

by Lerryn 

The Classes in Stockbridge Primary

Our classes are named after the stations that the railway in Stockbridge used to travel on.Some of the places that the train travelled on were Redbridge, Mottisfont and Sprat and Winkle.The reason that the classes are named after the railway stations is because there was a teacher who was obsessed with trains.He decided to try and remember the railway.We even have a room called the ticket office and a shelter on the play ground called The Station! Do you have names for your classes?




Once you get into year 3 or above in Stockbridge primary school you get to go on a residential. For example in year 3 you get to camp on the school field. On the camp you get to play games, have dinner and if you really want you can listen to horror stories.

In year 4 you go to Tile Barn where you can make dens in the woods and go on hikes sometimes even in the dark.

When you get into year 5 you can stay two nights at Calshot where you can take part in a range of activities. For example go sailing with your friends. You can also do some archery, ski-ing, kayaking, ringos, rock climbing and orienteering.

After going on many residentials you would then go into year 6 and go to Wales and do some caving, canoeing, walking up mountains and walking through the scenic and historic gunpowder works. Out of all the residentials I have been on my favourite would have to be Calshot.

Have you ever been on a residential? If you have where did you go?

Young Voices

Every other year, children in year 5 and 6 take part in a nation wide singing choir where our year 6 and 5s are going to sing loads of songs.  When we sing it’s going to be on the 7th of February 2017, all the practicing is a lot of fun. ( Young voices are going to be in the O2 arena in London!) When we get to the arena we will spend all morning practising. Apparently it is hard to get noticed because we will be singing with 6000 other children!

Do you do singing at your school?

Special Events by Jack

Our  events in Stockbridge happen at least every year but sometimes it happens just once or twice. Our events that happen yearly are sports day  ( an afternoon  that is all about races and sports. You would go in your coloured families and try and win the trophy.)  There is also Young Voices  a combination of thousands of children who sing  songs and melodies. We also have residentials  where you stay  at a fun  venue for a couple of nights doing fun activities such as  ringoing, hiking, ski-ing, sailing, canoing, climbing and much more. Our main events are the school play, we have a year R to year 2 nativity and a Year 4 to year 6 play for the last play for the year 6’s

Previously we have had a talent show for anyone to show their skills from singing to dancing to music to other special abilities. Football tournaments and other sports competition often take place too. We go to other schools for netball, basketball and running competitions. Our most common are to do with drawing, especially on Halloween, Christmas and Easter.

Do you have any special events? If you do what is your favourite?