The Life of Soldier

Written by Rowan, jack, Ryan and Lewis


Marching boldly,

singing with faith and fire within us,

arriving at the scene with no worries or grief,

we shall fight in this battle field to protect,

no matter what may face us.


As the raging gunfire began brutal wounds were inflicting on our allies,

toxic gas filled the air suffocating our unknown neighbours,

as we saw our friends fall into the mud,

we knew happiness was no longer ,

misery tortured our sins.


As the whistle blew we chanted we will win,

as we followed our commands we had to go over,

making sure we didn’t fail,

we will fight until we fall.


A bullet shot,

I was in shock,

we give to your our soul to fight the foe,

where the poppies grow on Flanders field,

waiting there for our fate to be concealed.


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