Once you get into year 3 or above in Stockbridge primary school you get to go on a residential. For example in year 3 you get to camp on the school field. On the camp you get to play games, have dinner and if you really want you can listen to horror stories.

In year 4 you go to Tile Barn where you can make dens in the woods and go on hikes sometimes even in the dark.

When you get into year 5 you can stay two nights at Calshot where you can take part in a range of activities. For example go sailing with your friends. You can also do some archery, ski-ing, kayaking, ringos, rock climbing and orienteering.

After going on many residentials you would then go into year 6 and go to Wales and do some caving, canoeing, walking up mountains and walking through the scenic and historic gunpowder works. Out of all the residentials I have been on my favourite would have to be Calshot.

Have you ever been on a residential? If you have where did you go?


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